I am a millennial living in a world surrounded by savvy smartphone photos and editing apps.  A world where photography has become more socialized and shared than ever before.  Often times, perceiving what people want to be seen.  


As a photographer, I opt to highlight the truth of a moment by using minimal editing and few Photoshop techniques.  I utilize experience, talent and nature as my photographic tools.  I capture the emotions, the facial expressions and the raw and pure love of each moment.  We are surrounded by mass beauty—whether it be the eyes of a newborn child, the blissful smiles of a newly engaged couple or the sparkling reflections of an iconic moment into some far away country’s water.  As a photographer, I find the beauty in life, and it is my honor and desire to share these moments—to Capture the Beauty in the Voyage of Life

Nicole Gubelli is a Long Island, NY based photographer with a particular interest in Travel Photography.  She also specializes in Portrait Photography including but not limited to newborn, children, maternity, engagement, senior portraits and pet photography.  When she is not behind the camera she enjoys cuddling her rescued pint-sized brindle Pitbull, Nala and eating a pint of Ralph’s Rainbow Cookie and Graham Cracker Italian Ices.